Our rooms

128 large and small apartments, each with a unique design.
Whether you prefer the coziness of a small love nest behind a dune, or the freedom of distant views at lofty heights, you will always find high-quality materials and exceptional design.

Our Baltic Sea alp

Let's face it: the sea is at its best with the mountains in the background.

And if that’s what you like to do when the sand tickles your toes – sea lovers – then you’ve come to the right place, because only here can you experience the sea in so many different ways.

Mountain meets sea!

How the mountains came to the sea...

Our Vision

The northernmost alpine resort in Germany with a unique combination of nature and exclusivity. Quality and warmth in their most authentic form. Rustic coziness paired with the windy charm of the Baltic Sea.
For sophisticated frivolity. From cool to relaxed, après-ski is possible here on the beach.
At home in the far north.

Our Facts

  • 128 large and small apartments
  • Most beautiful bay on RĂĽgen
  • Lobby with relaxation areas and fireplace
  • Breakfast room
  • Restaurant
  • Barista Bar
  • Rustic beer garden
  • Large spa & sauna area
  • Indoor & outdoor pools
  • Modern meeting & conference facilities
  • 15 hectares (38 acre) of open space for events
  • Mountain station with RoofTop

Our target groups

Couples – Space and time to be together
Trendsetters – Try something new
Curious – Get to know the country and its people
BestAger – Only the best is good enough
Families – Water rats & active families
Nature lovers – Experience nature
Decelerators – Get away from it all & pamper yourself
SilverAger – Grey is the new cool
Companies – Events with space

Hotel or huts?

Hello and Ahoy.
As you might expect, the Mariandl am Meer is not a hotel. On the contrary. Mariandl am Meer is a pretty chic and very cool place to stay with huts (rooms) right on the beautiful Binz Bay.
We are so not a hotel that we have turned our lobby into your living room, the spacious pool and sauna area into your bathtub, and the reception into a hub for questions, requests and your key to happiness.
The fact that we still give the impression of a hotel flatters us a lot, but it also raises expectations that we don’t want to fulfill, because we are simply different.
How different? Just find out!

Dog Friendly