Your panorama with a view.

No matter what kind of event you are planning, whether corporate events, parties, birthdays or conferences – here you have more than 15 hectares of open space with exclusive & extraordinary rooms, seminar & conference rooms, RoofTop and locals with experience at your disposal. It’s going to be great fun!

There are no limits to your ideas and events and the more than 15 hectares (37 acres) of open space are at your disposal with our experience in the event sector.

Konferenzraum auf RĂĽgen

Our conferences and events are also high-flying.

Whether in our seminar rooms with modern conference technology or the rustic „Freidenken“ (free thinking) in the mountain station, everything is possible.

No matter how big your school of fish is,
we have a basin for every size.

In no time at all, our „Mariandl am Meer“ will be your event location directly at the sea with a roof terrace and extraordinary flair on the beach of the Binz bay.
You have the choice between our daylight-flooded conference & seminar rooms with state-of-the-art conference technology and our exclusive rooms, which you can also rent as conference rooms or for other events.
You will find a well thought-out room concept, high-quality materials and furnishings in all rooms. There are no limits to your ideas.
We also aim high when it comes to conferences and events. For „Freidenker“ (free thinkers), our mountain station with lounge character becomes a stylish conference room with its own roof terrace. Boundless transitions with a view over the bay of Binz that will win you over!
And if that still doesn’t seem big enough for you – we’ll go one better with our 15 hectares (37 acres) of open space!
On top: Experienced locals who will be happy to work with you to make a plan and assist you with your event.
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Tagung & Konferenz

Tagungs- & Konferenzräume

FĂĽr Tagungen, Konferenzen, Schulungen & Seminare.

von 40m² bis 80m²

Bergstation Mariandl


Eventlocation fĂĽr Feierlichkeiten & Hochzeiten mit eigener RoofTop.

von 80m² bis 165m²

Café Edelweiss

Café Edelweiss

Kleine gemĂĽtliche Schulungen, Seminare & Feierlichkeiten.

Mit einem Mix aus Rustikal & Modern, Kaminofen und einem Terrassenbereich.
70m² | bis 30 Personen

Extras Dinner in der DĂĽne


Für alle die über Räume hinaus denken.

Einen Raum fast ohne Grenzen können wir Dir mit unserem 15 Hektar großen Mariandl-Umland bieten.

Location fĂĽr Tagungen und Konferenzen in Binz

Meeting & conference rooms

For meetings, conferences, training courses & seminars.

From 40m² (431ft²) to 80m² (861ft²)

Bergstation Mariandl


Event location for celebrations & weddings with its own roof top.

From 80m² (861 ft²) to 165m² (1,776 ft²)

Café Edelweiss

Café Edelweiss

Small, cozy training courses, seminars & celebrations.

With a mix of rustic & modern, wood-burning stove and a terrace area.
70m² (754ft²) | Up to 30 people

Location for company events, corporate events, conferences, meetings & seminars

Parties & celebrations

Event location by the sea with roof top and extraordinary flair on the beach

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